mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

Temporary Team: J-MELO TEAM.

Hello everyone, Mitsuki's here.
Is a lot of time that I don't post in the blog so here it is.
J-MELO organized a special contest called 'J-MELO Dancer Searcher', so everyone can dance morning musume's song What Is Love.
We decided to make a special unit of dancer where each girl dance each momusu's member.
The project is here.
We'll broadcast the video the 9th february so stay tuned, I'll upload the video on youtube channel, there are also new members in this team, other members are 'outside' the project.

Stay tuned, and read this link and try to discover who would be a new member of the project.
PS: all the girls live in Milan (or near Milan).

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