mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

Temporary Team: J-MELO TEAM.

Hello everyone, Mitsuki's here.
Is a lot of time that I don't post in the blog so here it is.
J-MELO organized a special contest called 'J-MELO Dancer Searcher', so everyone can dance morning musume's song What Is Love.
We decided to make a special unit of dancer where each girl dance each momusu's member.
The project is here.
We'll broadcast the video the 9th february so stay tuned, I'll upload the video on youtube channel, there are also new members in this team, other members are 'outside' the project.

Stay tuned, and read this link and try to discover who would be a new member of the project.
PS: all the girls live in Milan (or near Milan).

giovedì 19 settembre 2013

Italian Idol Project Live Performance in Turin: Picta Matsuri

Hello, Mitsuki's here and finally I can write my experience.
So, what happened the 8th?
I woke up at 4AM (honestly I didn't sleep so much XD) btw I prepared myself and I almost lost the bus for going to Rho at 6.30AM... arriving in Rho I was walking for going to the station and then I discovered that I forgot the ticket >____< so I bought another ticket, I waited the train and finally at 7.30AM the train arrived.
During the trip I was doing the make up in the bathroom and the controller asked me to go outside but I didn't understand that was him, he just said: come here, wouldn't it be simply say 'please come here I'm the train controller?' XD btw after 15 minutes he got mad and I discovered that he was waiting for me XD by the way at 9.10AM I arrived in Turin, finally *_______*

I saw Corinna and I was so happy (althought at first I didn't recognize her XD she is so tall, almost like me, finally after to years I met her *_*).
We waited for almost 30minutes (Elena was late) and we finally found them.
I was a bit irritated, I hate people who came late XD
During our trip to Picta Matsuri I did some photos to them and to Turin, there are people who sell the journal at the crossroads XD LOL XD

Finally we arrived, we were so excited, I started to do a lot of photos like a tourist, it was my first time in Turin, and I needed to do photos XD also inside Picta Matsuri I did a lot of photos.

Then we prepared our stand, we sell a lot of J-POP and K-POP items.

Then we started to practice a lot, and the reseharsal was good enough, so after 2 hours I give the girls a break and we did a lot of photos.

We tried to do a little reseharsal on stage and it was so bad that I got extremely mad, I made Joy cry but I didn't want to make her cry XD I only wanted that everyone showed their best. They practiced a lot, in the meanwhile there was the cosplay competition and the girl I was cheering on at the end won one of the prizes... she cosplayed Usagi Tsukino from Moonlight Densetsu.

When the other were practicing I thought about the cameraman and also about my friends of OWL that did a conference about japanese street style, so I took five minutes and I saw what they were doing, there was a lot of people but when I arrived all the people gone (??? XD), because the cosplay competition started XD
By the way I did to them some photos.

After the performance we did a photoshooting, thanks to the Picta's photographers.

After that we started to prepare ourself for come back home, finally I did a photo with my friend Rika, I did a photo with a girl in kigurumi that I followed for the whole day XD and also a final photo together.

Then we came back at the station, I needed to took the train for Milan

It was a... I can't describe it XD it was funny, stressful, enjoyable, a lot of feelings all together... Days like this made me appreciate Italian Idol Project, we laugh, we cry, we get mad or we became happy, is a mix of feelings all together that made us united not only as a friend, we share a particular feeling all together... is a thing that only IIP members probably would understand... I hope to do other experiences like this.

lunedì 29 luglio 2013

Team Rome: Live Performance

Hello ^_^

Here is Joy, Team Rome's Leader, that recently did a pre-debut live performance in our city.

Finally after some months we did our first live. Everyone expected to do something different, but one week before the event's organizer said us that unfortunately we didn't get the authorization for the live performance in that month, but accepted in september so we accepted to join in the event that was done in their head quarter (same place where we practice every week) for say to everyone happy summer.

We met at 11am at the park for practice before the exibition, and for go all together, it was so hot and we did mistakes for the emotion we felt, all these things make us more united.

At 3.30pm we went to the association and we started to prepare ourselves for present our japanese song 'only you'.
15 minutes before the exibition our coreographer, that for a lot of weeks helped us, said us that we had only 3 mics and no wireless; we didn't know how to behave, until the week beore they said us there was all perfect and they said us a lot of times what we needed. Althought that we didn't stop, we didn't gave up, but even just dance, so we did the live performance without mic. Here the video.

We were so happy and the people cheered us althought the mistakes and the emotion. Before our second and last song we had a few time to prepare (2 songs), we were all in sync. and the main colous are black and white, differently from the previous son where we were 'sweet and candies' here we showed a 'bad girl' side, we weren't full of emotion like maybe we should be but in that place we felt fine because we tried for months meeting a lot of new people. Here the video.

Finished the performances we did some group's photos and we received a lot of compliments from people, it was like a dream... we showed to people that don't know this genre our music and they liked... personally I think this was a reward for all of us, make join in the western part of the world something different and never tried.

In september we have another live performance, we have a surprise for you, but I won't say nothing eheheh, enjoy these hot days, don't do silly things and go on to follow us, we'll work so hard for all of you sweethearts!


Mitsu's mind: I'm extremely happy, I followed this group since the beginning and I always loved them but like all the female groups not everything was ok, there was time I was worried but everything was ok. I have a lot of hopes for this group and I can't wait to meet again Team Rome's Leader Joy, with her there will be a new member of the project, and I'll be so happy to announce her, please follow the blog, next post will be about Elena's experience (Team Turin Leader) in Japan this month.

venerdì 31 maggio 2013

Team Rome: Vocal Reseharsal.

Cheers Homies! This is Kanon of No3ks. Finally it's my turn to write about us and our reseharsal. I've been very busy that's why I haven't got time to attend the reseharsals.

Anyways... we dedicated this day on recording our korean track *yeheeeeeey!* a great experience for me and the rest of the team because it was our first time ;)

As usual I was late. They practised the dance steps without me, when I arrived they were at the studio and we decided to start recording.
First was Claudia, then me, Giorgia and Larissa.
At first we struggled 'cuz we didn't know how to control our voices and also because we were so excited and nervous at the same time.

Claudia had a hard time at first but later she had familiarity with the mic and start singing gracefully, althought there were parts where her voice tend to be a bit nasal.

I had a hard time as well, I tend to be more precise on the second part rather than the first. I was suffering inside that cabin, *waaaaaah* I often pronounce the words badly U.U

After recording my part, me and Claudia went to the dance hall and started to practise the coreo.

Meanwhile Giorgia was recording her part, I don't know how did it take her or if she did it well, I listened to her part when we all finished, her voice was way different from the voice she uses during the reseharsals.

Larissa did a lot of takes, her voice is so cute and sexy but she often goes off-beat. Claudia told her to look at her so that she can sing on time.

At the end the technician played the demo and we noticed all our mistakes but she assured us that with a bit of edit and other stuff this track will be a blast.
Next week we're gonna record the backup vocals.

By the way we took a lot of pitctures... what a pity, I didn't bring my dslr T.T ... we just used our cellphones and tablets.
Next time I'll bring my baby so that we can take good quality pictures.

Stay tuned for more updates about our progress.
Loveloadss buddies <3

Mitsuki's mind: I'm extremely happy for this Team, they make me happy day by day and I can't wait for their debut *_* I hope things going on in this way forever XD they're all good girls and they will do a lot of things together, I'm sure about it.

mercoledì 29 maggio 2013

Team Milan: Novegro Week End - Part. 2 Live Performance Sunday

Hello, Mitsuki's here.
I say now the second part of the week end.
I finished working at midnight,
arrived at home at 1AM
got to bed at 3AM
woke up at almost 6AM (XD)
I arrived really early and waited for Nacchi and Vale
Honestly I didn't know to bring with me the stand so I made a little disaster >___<
I didn't have the material so I had to re-do some pictures for the stand and... my oshimen, Eriko-san *___* she helped me, do you know what does it mean being helped by your oshimen?
She was so nice *____________*

What Eriko-san made for me *________* she's an amazing singer and an amazing artist *_*

Isn't this the best work ever? *________* she's amazing at everything, I love her...
Than, we did reseharsal with Nacchi and Vale, Nacchi at the end didn't want to dance shock, I think she was nervous XD I can feel her feelings XD

Then DJ Shiru started to work with the sound etc. for make everything ok.

Me preparing the SOLO.

At the end we cheer each other on and prepared to appear on stage, this photo was 2 min. before the stage.

The Live was great, I can't write my feelings XD

After the live we received a lot of compliments, I really had fun, I stayed at the stand and talked with a lot of girls that wanted to know more about the project ^_^ during the day we had a photo with Josi, I talked with him for two days and he is really nice, I hope to meet him soon again.

In the afternoon Eriko started to prepare herself for the show so before bothering her more I asked her a photo *__________* I was so nervous *wwww* look at her, isn't she beautiful? *www*

Then I met also my friends that came for the live and for the cosplay contest, I had to work and I changed the clothes, there I met Eriko that was changing her clothes and prepairing for the show, I talked with her and I thanked her for all she did for me, she did more than I would always even dream, she's the best oshimen ever *www* then her live.

I went away at 3PM,
I started to work at 6PM
I finished work at 10PM
I got home at 11.30PM and finally after almost 48 hours I saw my sister and my lil dog Blaire *-* I missed them a lot
at midnight I started to sleep, I've slept for almost 12 hours XD after had sleep almost 6 hours in 2 days I really needed it.
It was a really great experience and I still don't know how to thank DJ Shiru for the opportunity he gave to me.
Thanks to Ochacaffè, friends who came, friends who support me and everyone.
I love you all <3