giovedì 19 settembre 2013

Italian Idol Project Live Performance in Turin: Picta Matsuri

Hello, Mitsuki's here and finally I can write my experience.
So, what happened the 8th?
I woke up at 4AM (honestly I didn't sleep so much XD) btw I prepared myself and I almost lost the bus for going to Rho at 6.30AM... arriving in Rho I was walking for going to the station and then I discovered that I forgot the ticket >____< so I bought another ticket, I waited the train and finally at 7.30AM the train arrived.
During the trip I was doing the make up in the bathroom and the controller asked me to go outside but I didn't understand that was him, he just said: come here, wouldn't it be simply say 'please come here I'm the train controller?' XD btw after 15 minutes he got mad and I discovered that he was waiting for me XD by the way at 9.10AM I arrived in Turin, finally *_______*

I saw Corinna and I was so happy (althought at first I didn't recognize her XD she is so tall, almost like me, finally after to years I met her *_*).
We waited for almost 30minutes (Elena was late) and we finally found them.
I was a bit irritated, I hate people who came late XD
During our trip to Picta Matsuri I did some photos to them and to Turin, there are people who sell the journal at the crossroads XD LOL XD

Finally we arrived, we were so excited, I started to do a lot of photos like a tourist, it was my first time in Turin, and I needed to do photos XD also inside Picta Matsuri I did a lot of photos.

Then we prepared our stand, we sell a lot of J-POP and K-POP items.

Then we started to practice a lot, and the reseharsal was good enough, so after 2 hours I give the girls a break and we did a lot of photos.

We tried to do a little reseharsal on stage and it was so bad that I got extremely mad, I made Joy cry but I didn't want to make her cry XD I only wanted that everyone showed their best. They practiced a lot, in the meanwhile there was the cosplay competition and the girl I was cheering on at the end won one of the prizes... she cosplayed Usagi Tsukino from Moonlight Densetsu.

When the other were practicing I thought about the cameraman and also about my friends of OWL that did a conference about japanese street style, so I took five minutes and I saw what they were doing, there was a lot of people but when I arrived all the people gone (??? XD), because the cosplay competition started XD
By the way I did to them some photos.

After the performance we did a photoshooting, thanks to the Picta's photographers.

After that we started to prepare ourself for come back home, finally I did a photo with my friend Rika, I did a photo with a girl in kigurumi that I followed for the whole day XD and also a final photo together.

Then we came back at the station, I needed to took the train for Milan

It was a... I can't describe it XD it was funny, stressful, enjoyable, a lot of feelings all together... Days like this made me appreciate Italian Idol Project, we laugh, we cry, we get mad or we became happy, is a mix of feelings all together that made us united not only as a friend, we share a particular feeling all together... is a thing that only IIP members probably would understand... I hope to do other experiences like this.

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