sabato 23 marzo 2013

Special Post; Thank you.

Hello, Mitsuki's here.

I wanna write a special post about members of Italian Idol Project.
For who don't know I live in Milan (north of Italy) and for a special stage I went to Pesaro (in the center of Italy), but unfortunately the stage was scheduled to be in another city, so I tried to go home and it was a really long trip (I spent 13 hours on train, counting 3 of break going and return).
This morning I was really sad and I acted like a crybaby D but with this 'kind of' adventure I figure out how this girls can be friendly and feel like a real relationship of friendship.
When I was in 'that city' I don't wanna say the name because from now on I'll hate 'that city' XD Elena (Team Turin Leader) cheered me up and gave me good news about the group, I was really happy cuz recently I felt sad about the Team Turin, firstly about Erica's graduation.

Althought she seems a bit self concentrate about herself but knowing more about her you'll know that she's one of the kindest and sweet heart person that you'll ever meet.
The second person I wanna really thank is Kanon, she's the current leader of the future Team Rome and at first I always thought that she doesn't find me nice but she was so nice with me, she contacted for me other Italian Idol Project members that helped me today, she's a really nice person and knowing more about her she's less shy than someone could think (and she has a really lovely voice by phone *_*)

The third person that I wanna thank (the most) is Carolina, member of Team Ancona, she contacted me and offered me to stay with her during the afternoon while I was waiting the train for come back to Milan but I didn't know that she was at school and after the afternoon she had to work so surely she was so busy, but althought that she tried to not leave me alone, I refused to disturb her and I waited the train by myself, instead of taking a direct train at 6pm but disturb her I prefered to take a train before at 12pm, not direct, waiting some hours and take another train. Althought that she was so nice to think about me.

Other people offered me their help but they aren't in the project so I won't nominate them.
This 'adventure' made me think, I really didn't talk too much with Carolina and Kanon, a bit more with Elena but I'm not their friends from ages and althought that they tried to help me in a different ways, they could be careless and just say they're sorry, but in a way or another they cheered me up a lot. I felt like a real friendship althought I never met the three of them, I feel a new sense of friendship that I think I never felt even with Team Milan's former members, because in the world the're 'friends' and FRIENDS, in this case I really needed FRIENDS and they really were to me, I'm happy that there's such a good feeling between members of different regions, this kind of cooperation between each other will help us, to grow up as group and as a person.
Probably for some people this is a useless post but I really wanted to write it, cuz I felt this from the bottom of my heart: I really love all Italian Idol Project members and I want to say it to everyone.
Thank you for everything you gave to me until now, hope we'll stay always friends.

Mitsuki <3

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