sabato 30 marzo 2013

Team Turin: Welcome new member, Nene!

Coco's here.
We are the team of Turin and our names are Elena, Barbara, Coco and Nene.
Nene is the new member. This thursday we met in 3 (Elena, Coco and Nene) and th new member is a really good girl! She is very pretty and nice and she really wants to be an idol.

This first proof with her was pretty good, because she has a good voice. It was really funny too, because she was trying to pronunce Korean xD.
We are trying to do all our best and we hope to improve more and more (:
At our meets we always talk about our ideas for the videos and we try to improve our voice.

We are really different: Elena (called boss), is really shy, but strong with a never give up actittude too. She is a hard working girl and she is always ready for every proof and she has always new ideas for our videos.

Barbara is really talented and she can speak Korean really good. In fact she always help us with the pronunce of the Korean songs. She has a strong personality and an incredible voice.

Lastly, Nene, the new member, is a fantastic girl. She is really pretty and nice and she really wants to give the best part of herself. I'm sure she will do a lot of progress with the songs.

I think I'm a creative girl who likes challenges and always try to learn the songs perfectly.

Our Team is really united and our passion is strong, so we will become great and we will realize our dream.

Mitsuki's mind: what I can say about them? I love them, since the beginning (Coco althought is the youngest girl is the oldest member in the group) Coco always told me her desire to have a group and with a former member I decided to create a sister-group, Team Turin. I don't know if you know but firstly the Team was with Coco, Elena, Rika and Denise. Shortly after the formation Denise left the group because she doesn't like K-POP, then Erica joined... after a few months Rika (the previous leader) left the group due to personal reason and then Barbara (Erica's friend) joined. Because of Erica's studies and work (she is a voice actor) the group stopped their activities for a long time and a month ago she resigned from the group, we tried to find a girl who can took Erica's place and first we find Laura but we realize that she couldn't fit the group due to personal reasons. When we decided to make Team Turin a 3nin we found Nene and althought I wasn't sure about her (not something against her but with all this things happened I was a bit suspicious) I admit that she's a really nice girl that seriously want to be a part of the group. I feel like a special feeling with all the teams in Italy but with Turin is different, because they followed me since the beginning, also when they weren't Team Turin yet, so I hope they'll finally start to work as a group and do the best they can do. I trust in them and they won't let me down. I'm sure about it. 
That's it people, see you, next tuesday new post, a special surprise from Team Rome to Team Milan *-* it's a secret. 

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