mercoledì 20 marzo 2013

Team Roma; Dance Practice and Opinions.

Hello everyone, Giorgia's here.

We are the Team of Rome and this is our first time in the dance room!
Our names are: Kanon, Claudia, Larissa and Giorgia.
Actually, this is the first time that we met all four and couldn't be better!

We talked about our ideas and we helped each other if it is necessary!
I think our diversity can create a really good group, we have and we like different styles... I'm sure that a mix of every style can create a stuning effect that will amaze you. We are not sexy, or good as the idols that you ove, but our passion will conquer you! For sure!

We really rock! Don't you believe? You will understand when you'll see the video of our debut. Today we danced until we were able to, we don't like waste our time, we want to use every moment to improve our ability! I sang in the bus after the practice and I'm still singing now.

I'm sure that even the other girls are practicing now! This is fantastic, I found girls who have my same passion and finally I'm a part of a fantastic group.

Mitsuki's mind: I'm really happy for this unit, they're really different from each other but since the beginning they're just so friendly and know how to comunicate their feelings. I'm sure that they're going to be amazing together. Please stay tuned and go on to follow us, we really appreciate it.

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