martedì 23 aprile 2013

Team Milan: FlashMob, Bye Lizzie ç_ç

Finally my turn: Mitsuki's here.

Last sunday Naoko (Nacchi), Vale and moi (love to speak french XD) went to K-POP Flashmob in Milan. It was wonderful, we had some problems with audio but at the end everything was great. This was the first time all the three of them going outside not for reseharsal (I'm too busy, I know it u__u).

We had fun, I rarely go to meetings due to my job and I'm happy when I go and meet my friends (also people that I don't remember but they remember me XD LOL XD), I didn't dance cuz I didn't know until the end if I would be able to go or not so I didn't learnt the dance but Nacchi and Vale did it and they were amazing. Unfortunately my co-worker Liz will leave IIP cuz from June she will live in Texas (USA) so she won't be able to join IIP activities anymore, for everything she was always at my side, is exactly an year since I met her and I'll miss her so much.

Soon videos, Team Milan never stop to dance, and sooner or later... who knows.

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