venerdì 26 aprile 2013

Dance / Vocal Reseharsal: Team Rome.

Ohai everyone!^-^ Darky-chan from team Rome speaking! And first of all let me announce that we have decided on our team's name: No3kS! Do you like it?:D
Well I like it a lot! Cause it stands for "no tricks" and means our team will never deceive you and will always bring out genuine music and performances to you!We will give our all always being natural, using our own strength to achieve our goals! ^0^

Well that said, the main purpose of today's post is to tell you what happened during Wednesday's rehearsal, since it's been our only time rehearsing in a while as we've all been very busy with school and what not so haven't had other opportunities to meet and practice all together x.x sorry about that!
Anyways ~ actually it was just three of us as Kanon couldn't come, she was busy preparing her sister's party.
I was a little late and when I got to the practice room Giorgia and Claudia had already started with the dance practice! XD I joined in right away ,but at first it was very hard, cause changing positions during the choreography is actually kinda difficult as you have to be careful not to step onto the others and not to cover them, also you gotta move quick or you'll lose the tempo!(it actually happened to me all the time T-T)

Anyway to get more used to it we went to practice to the video projection room where we could watch the mirrored version of the choreography on a big screen as we practiced ,so we could always see what were the right positions, I think it worked out pretty well, though we still have to improve A LOT xD (especially me >_>" Everyone, give me your support so I can improve faster!çAç)

After dance practice came vocal rehearsal! We were a bit at loss though cause ,with Kanon missing ,there were a lot of parts with no one singing in the song and it felt weird! During those seconds we'd just blankly stare at each other without knowing what to do and trying not to burst out laughing xD
At times we'd get interrupted by random passersby but we still managed to sing all we wanted!^_^
Overall I think we're still trying to get used to being a team and getting the hang of things,learning how to manage the time we have to practice;
right now we may not be using the most efficient method but we're getting there,definitely! Just give us some more time and then you'll see by yourselves! So give us lots of support and wait for our results!
Please follow us on this journey towards our dream

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