mercoledì 3 aprile 2013

Team Milan and Team Rome Surprise: Giorgia.

Hello hello! Nacchan's here today.
I'm a member of Milan's Team with Alessia and Valentina and today we had our very first reseharsal.

Valentina met Alessia for the first time (I met Alessia a month ago and we sang a lot of random songs and I must say that I had a lot of fun because I love singing with friends, it's one of my few hobbies), by the way, rehearse a song was so hard I never thought it! We need to do a lot of work and I hope it won't take too much time to arrive at a good point. Valentina is a very cute and shy girl, her voice is still hidden to us but I have to say that she's so good at dancing, you need to see her dancing or lister to her cute voice, her 'aegyo' is fantastic!

Then there's Alessia, the leader. She's a very strong girl who pretends a lot of work and if you can't do something she wants then you're officially out! And last... there's Nacchan, or me. I don't know what to say but I know that I should work more especially with my voice. People said that I have a cute voice but I'd like to show something more mature like Team Rome's Giorgia's sexy voice! Today I met Giorgia and she's so cute and sexy at the same time!

However, I hope and I'm sure that our group will continue to get better and better with the passage of time.
Just wait for us!

Mitsuki's Mind: I'm so sorry that I scared the girls XD other groups call me dictator/ fuhrer / boss and... they're right XD honestly, a long time ago a girl called me 'Nakazawa' and she's right (for who follow MM could understand), I'm very strict but all I want is a group that actually work, I don't give a **** about posting photos on FB saying to everyone: heiii, I'm singing with a professional mic... who cares? if I work I do it seriously and I'm happy that all the two girls took it seriously, I'm sure that together we'll do a lot of things, I really trust in them.

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