lunedì 29 luglio 2013

Team Rome: Live Performance

Hello ^_^

Here is Joy, Team Rome's Leader, that recently did a pre-debut live performance in our city.

Finally after some months we did our first live. Everyone expected to do something different, but one week before the event's organizer said us that unfortunately we didn't get the authorization for the live performance in that month, but accepted in september so we accepted to join in the event that was done in their head quarter (same place where we practice every week) for say to everyone happy summer.

We met at 11am at the park for practice before the exibition, and for go all together, it was so hot and we did mistakes for the emotion we felt, all these things make us more united.

At 3.30pm we went to the association and we started to prepare ourselves for present our japanese song 'only you'.
15 minutes before the exibition our coreographer, that for a lot of weeks helped us, said us that we had only 3 mics and no wireless; we didn't know how to behave, until the week beore they said us there was all perfect and they said us a lot of times what we needed. Althought that we didn't stop, we didn't gave up, but even just dance, so we did the live performance without mic. Here the video.

We were so happy and the people cheered us althought the mistakes and the emotion. Before our second and last song we had a few time to prepare (2 songs), we were all in sync. and the main colous are black and white, differently from the previous son where we were 'sweet and candies' here we showed a 'bad girl' side, we weren't full of emotion like maybe we should be but in that place we felt fine because we tried for months meeting a lot of new people. Here the video.

Finished the performances we did some group's photos and we received a lot of compliments from people, it was like a dream... we showed to people that don't know this genre our music and they liked... personally I think this was a reward for all of us, make join in the western part of the world something different and never tried.

In september we have another live performance, we have a surprise for you, but I won't say nothing eheheh, enjoy these hot days, don't do silly things and go on to follow us, we'll work so hard for all of you sweethearts!


Mitsu's mind: I'm extremely happy, I followed this group since the beginning and I always loved them but like all the female groups not everything was ok, there was time I was worried but everything was ok. I have a lot of hopes for this group and I can't wait to meet again Team Rome's Leader Joy, with her there will be a new member of the project, and I'll be so happy to announce her, please follow the blog, next post will be about Elena's experience (Team Turin Leader) in Japan this month.

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