venerdì 31 maggio 2013

Team Rome: Vocal Reseharsal.

Cheers Homies! This is Kanon of No3ks. Finally it's my turn to write about us and our reseharsal. I've been very busy that's why I haven't got time to attend the reseharsals.

Anyways... we dedicated this day on recording our korean track *yeheeeeeey!* a great experience for me and the rest of the team because it was our first time ;)

As usual I was late. They practised the dance steps without me, when I arrived they were at the studio and we decided to start recording.
First was Claudia, then me, Giorgia and Larissa.
At first we struggled 'cuz we didn't know how to control our voices and also because we were so excited and nervous at the same time.

Claudia had a hard time at first but later she had familiarity with the mic and start singing gracefully, althought there were parts where her voice tend to be a bit nasal.

I had a hard time as well, I tend to be more precise on the second part rather than the first. I was suffering inside that cabin, *waaaaaah* I often pronounce the words badly U.U

After recording my part, me and Claudia went to the dance hall and started to practise the coreo.

Meanwhile Giorgia was recording her part, I don't know how did it take her or if she did it well, I listened to her part when we all finished, her voice was way different from the voice she uses during the reseharsals.

Larissa did a lot of takes, her voice is so cute and sexy but she often goes off-beat. Claudia told her to look at her so that she can sing on time.

At the end the technician played the demo and we noticed all our mistakes but she assured us that with a bit of edit and other stuff this track will be a blast.
Next week we're gonna record the backup vocals.

By the way we took a lot of pitctures... what a pity, I didn't bring my dslr T.T ... we just used our cellphones and tablets.
Next time I'll bring my baby so that we can take good quality pictures.

Stay tuned for more updates about our progress.
Loveloadss buddies <3

Mitsuki's mind: I'm extremely happy for this Team, they make me happy day by day and I can't wait for their debut *_* I hope things going on in this way forever XD they're all good girls and they will do a lot of things together, I'm sure about it.

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