giovedì 2 maggio 2013

Team Milan: Dance Dance Dance.

Hello, Mitsuki's here.
Two days ago we did dance practice for the first time, and it was amazing, in the previous dance room for one hour we spent 30 euros, too much, this cost less than a half of the previous room ** this room (we choose the little one because we are a three) is really big, we love it and the management is really nice to us, I didn't do photos of myself, I did photos of my two girls, Vale and Nacchi.

Althought this place isn't in Milan (near to my house) we managed the time so well, we did a lot of dance together and we'll come back next week as well *-* more photos of the dance room

Next time I'll show a video of our dance together, for this week in the Youtube channel you can see Nacchi and Vale dance together CL and Minzy song (Please don't go), stay tuned in the blog because soon a Team that didn't show theirselves yet will show their dance/vocal practice.
Stay tuned, it's all for today.

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