mercoledì 29 maggio 2013

Team Milan: Novegro Week End - Part. 2 Live Performance Sunday

Hello, Mitsuki's here.
I say now the second part of the week end.
I finished working at midnight,
arrived at home at 1AM
got to bed at 3AM
woke up at almost 6AM (XD)
I arrived really early and waited for Nacchi and Vale
Honestly I didn't know to bring with me the stand so I made a little disaster >___<
I didn't have the material so I had to re-do some pictures for the stand and... my oshimen, Eriko-san *___* she helped me, do you know what does it mean being helped by your oshimen?
She was so nice *____________*

What Eriko-san made for me *________* she's an amazing singer and an amazing artist *_*

Isn't this the best work ever? *________* she's amazing at everything, I love her...
Than, we did reseharsal with Nacchi and Vale, Nacchi at the end didn't want to dance shock, I think she was nervous XD I can feel her feelings XD

Then DJ Shiru started to work with the sound etc. for make everything ok.

Me preparing the SOLO.

At the end we cheer each other on and prepared to appear on stage, this photo was 2 min. before the stage.

The Live was great, I can't write my feelings XD

After the live we received a lot of compliments, I really had fun, I stayed at the stand and talked with a lot of girls that wanted to know more about the project ^_^ during the day we had a photo with Josi, I talked with him for two days and he is really nice, I hope to meet him soon again.

In the afternoon Eriko started to prepare herself for the show so before bothering her more I asked her a photo *__________* I was so nervous *wwww* look at her, isn't she beautiful? *www*

Then I met also my friends that came for the live and for the cosplay contest, I had to work and I changed the clothes, there I met Eriko that was changing her clothes and prepairing for the show, I talked with her and I thanked her for all she did for me, she did more than I would always even dream, she's the best oshimen ever *www* then her live.

I went away at 3PM,
I started to work at 6PM
I finished work at 10PM
I got home at 11.30PM and finally after almost 48 hours I saw my sister and my lil dog Blaire *-* I missed them a lot
at midnight I started to sleep, I've slept for almost 12 hours XD after had sleep almost 6 hours in 2 days I really needed it.
It was a really great experience and I still don't know how to thank DJ Shiru for the opportunity he gave to me.
Thanks to Ochacaffè, friends who came, friends who support me and everyone.
I love you all <3

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