giovedì 16 maggio 2013

Sudden Announcement: Team Turin Line-up Changes.

Sudden Announcement: Coco and Nene's Turin Members both left Team Turin officially today.

Coco graduated normally and she said earlier she wanted to left the group because she changed her interest about asian music. If she want to return she will be placed in Team Kids (since she's 15) and could return in Team Turin when she'll be 18. Coco joined as a minor in Team Turin before the creation of Team Kids so she wasn't placed in the Team yet, from now on all minors that join in IIP will be automatically placed in Team Kids.

With Nene is a different situation, Team Turin Leader and I recently talked about their situation in the group and at the end because of issue in the group the Leader took the best choice and decide to going on with the group without her.
I'm agree with her and she won't have another chance to return in the project, neither as a soloist, neither as a member even if all original members graduate, neither as a staff member so she won't return in the project, never.

Coco offered herself to going on with the single and postponed her graduation but as Noemi's withdrawl from the group isn't necessary to her to stay so she graduated before the single.

Barbara and Elena will going on to work together, as 2nin members. They will release the songs in mid-July like we said earlier, the songs will be changed.

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