venerdì 10 maggio 2013

Team Rome: Always practicing, almost ready for recording.

Hello! Yuki from No3kS here!
The rehearsal of Team Rome this wednesday was great! ;D
First of all, Kanon was not able to be with us again but a really big surprise was with friend Mara =3
In the beginning she was studying our coreography only for help us and see our mistakes!
But this time she danced with us! I asked if she could replace Kanon for this rehearsal because it's hard to dance with empty spaces ._. we wanted 4 members in the coreography so we could see better the distance and the movements! ;P

I was really surprised because Mara was studying the coreography but she never danced it!!! Only for us she trained at home and in one day she was able to dance very well
I'm so happy to have lovely friends like Mara
So we danced a lot our korean song and after we sung our japanese one! ^0^
I recorded and wow!*-* Not yet perfect but very nice!!! *_^
Next time I think we will go to the recording studio to record the korean song so we will focus more on the japanese one
The time of debut is please support us until that moment!!!
See you next time bye bye

Mitsuki's mind: I really love this group, they really have an hard-working attitude, so I think they all together will do a lot of things together, just wait to see their beginning.

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