martedì 28 maggio 2013

Team Milan: Novegro Weekend Part 1: Stand Saturday

Hello people, Mitsuki's here *_* and finally I can talk about last week end.
So, I woke up at 5AM and got ready, I arrive late though XD
I talked with DJ Shiru and he was so nice with me.
Then I saw... my oshimen, my beloved oshimen, Eriko-san ** I really wanted to cry XD (don't joke)
I said her hello and talked a bit with her, she was so nice, I said that I'm her fan and she was so happy **
Then, I changed the clothes and started to prepare the stand.
I put a lot of CDs in my stand and I attracted many people.

For make people come closer to me I also offered free biscuits XD

Then my friends arrived, and they helped me to prepare the stand (a lot of posters with AKB48, Nogizaka46, Hey Say Jump, Arashi etc.) Eriko was curious and she saw my CDs and magazines *_* than she asked me if she could read it... oshi *w* you can do all you want with my things XD
Look, she's reading my magazines.

I took some hours for prepare everything, I discovered this Saturday STRIPS! A web sitcom based on guys with a comics shop, friendship, love and a lot of fun in their web show.
 I'll starting to see their episodes ^_^
Also I finally saw Duo Kenzo sing live, I was so happy.

Then STRIPS was on the stage and I really loved them, they made me laugh a lot XD they were so funny, then I did photos with 3 of 4 members that were there Saturday.

Then a photo with STRIPS members and Josi (Josi is a boy that belong to TOZAI, cultural association)

We did a lot of fun, and at 4PM... her... my oshimen *_* Eriko on stage with DJ Shiru (K-BLE Jungle).
They were amazing but unfortunately I couldn't see their entire performance, I had to work ç_ç
But for what I've seen she was amazing.

I went to work and worked until midnight, I was tired and I went to bed, so nervous about the performance.
What happened at the end? Let's wait ^^

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